Objective & motto

NYETC shall provide support and guidance in establishing VEP institutions. This assistance covers, developing programmes & faculties, providing training, library facilities and sharing experiences of conducting programmes at the initial stage. We bestow a dynamic, challenging and ethical environment for pursuing high quality teaching, research and services across all areas of interest. We emphasis on creation and dissemination of knowledge and transform lives of people through innovation and excellence sustaining existing entrepreneurs. The Institute focuses its attention on small business development by encouraging and supporting arrangements in remote and backward areas. Short duration training programmes on Working Capital Management, Marketing, Project Identification & Selection, and Accounting etc. are conducted on campus, while counseling or consultancy provided on and off campus.

  • To evolve standardized materials and processes for selection, training, support and sustenance of entrepreneurs, potential and existing.
  • To help/support and affiliate institutions/organizations in carrying out training and other entrepreneurship development related activities.
  • To serve as local level resource institute for accelerating the process of entrepreneurship development ensuring its impact across the district/state and country among all strata of the society.
  • To provide vital information and support to trainers, promoters and entrepreneurs by organizing research and documentation activities relevant to entrepreneurship development.
  • To train trainers, promoters and consultants in various areas of entrepreneurship development.
  • To offer consultancy nationally/internationally for promotion of entrepreneurship and small business development.
  • To provide national/international forums for interaction and exchange of experiences helpful for policy formulation and modification at various levels.
  • To share international experience and expertise in entrepreneurship development.
  • To share experience and expertise in entrepreneurship development across national frontiers.
  • To evolve Standardized Materials, Research, Publications and Preparation of Training Aids Material (Manuals, Handbooks, Lesson Plans, Learning Text, Case Studies etc.)
  • Formulation of standardized procedures of identification and selection of potential entrepreneurs.
  • To organize National as well as International Meets for sharing experiences, with a view to enhancing success in implementation of entrepreneurship development programmes.
  • To organize Workshops and Seminars on contemporary topics/issues such as sustaining entrepreneurship, emerging entrepreneurial opportunities etc.
  • To strives towards creating a climate conducive to emergence of entrepreneurs from all strata of society.
  • To conduct awareness campaigns for students of schools and colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning’s.
  • To organize group discussions representing a variety of cross-sections of the society.
  • To affiliates individuals/ institutions/ organizations engaged in entrepreneurship development and related activities.
  • Additional Objectives
  • To develop relevant vocational skills and competence among the intellectually and multiply disabled youth to improve their quality of life.
  • To serve intellectually and multiply disabled youth, emphasizing school to career and other career readiness programs in the partnership with the parents, disabled friendly industries and corporate houses.
  • Build awareness about career and employment options for intellectually and multiply disabled individual who face significant barriers to employment; and provide education, training and workplace experiences so they may actively pursue these options.
  • Provide education in the fundamentals of business and economics, the importance of savings, the basics of personal financial management and related consumer issues.